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Growing number of taxis in Pyongyang
Visiting travel notes of Pyongyang Extra#4

  WatchNetwork KOBORI Sinnosuke    2019-03-23 23:35:01

A half year passed since the last visit to D.P.R Korea. Big changes have since been made in the traffic in Pyongyang. One of them is taxi.

A Japanese article said six months ago that a taxi which cost 50 won (North Korean currency) per kilometer was a little bit expensive for citizens. It meant in another word that the costly taxi was not much used by citizens.

 But now Pyongyang is witnessing an increasing number of the expensive taxis. Around July taxis colored with green and yellow appeared on the streets. It is natural in Japan where the color of a taxi represents its company (state-run) and many-colored taxies easily come into the eyes of the people. I was told that taxis and private cars are restricted in North Korea for fuel shortage and protection of environment. Amusement parks that run till late at night and coffee shops that open day and night have recently appeared in Pyongyang.

 Bus and street-car service is not enough to satisfy the increasing need for transport of those who enjoy night life, as well as those who work till late at night. Taxis are increasing in number to make up for the deficiency.

 “Robber taxies” with unclean seats and high fare which can easily be found in Southeast Asia can hardly be found in Pyongyang.

Neck-tied cab drivers in Pyongyang are polite. Taxis in Pyongyang are similar to hired cars in Japan. Taxi users have also grown in number rapidly in Pyongyang.



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