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Information and news reports about North Korea are in a mess

  AsiaWatch Counsel: NAKAMURA Kouichiro    2019-01-23 23:22:36

  • China-North Korea border zone

  • The tool which creates disinformation. It is available in China-North Korea border zone.

As regards mediareports about North Korea, I think in many cases the media do not play its role of objective information. What is behind such groundless, doubtful information being spread?

Is information from inside North Korea considered to be something to make money?

 It can be seen that information from North Korea comes from North Korean defectors who are regarded as informed sources of North Korea and from anti-DPRK organisations. News media are crazy with acquiring confidential information and information from inside North Korea.

 During my visit to Beijing, I was told that it is easy to make money with false information about North Korea in Jilin Province adjacent to the border between China and the DPRK, where it does not seem to be difficult to buy North Korea-made paper and ink as it is close to the DPRK. If you make a document confirmed by a forged seal, then Japanese media will buy it for much money. Without any consideration of consequences or verification, journalists seem to write articles on the basis of the false document.

Exaggerated testimonies of North Korean defectors who call themselves ex-spies

In the past it was said that Japan is where it is easiest to obtain confidential information about North Korea. The USA ranked second, China third and South Korea fourth. In Japan the source of information is Japan-resident Koreans (Chongryon) and intelligence services and institutes, and that information is highly trusted. The USA tries hard to collect North Korean information by all means. China may know the true situation of North Korea, but it is difficult for journalists to get information because it is a socialist country. Although South Korea publishes a lot of information about North Korea, in many cases the information is based on misunderstanding or deliberately distorted. After Mr. Kim Jong Il and Mr. Kim Dae Jung had a summit meeting, however, true information was introduced in South Korea as inter-Korean relations were good and governmental and non-governmental exchanges             took place.

 But, now some of North Korean information spread by South Korea is hard to believe as it is based on testimonies of defectors from the North. If they are shown picture of those Japanese kidnap victims, they are sure to say I had an opportunity to see them in North Korea. They are still alive. This false information provides their family members with hopes of reunion. All Japanese people wish that the victims came back to Japan in good health.

To this end, however, there should be diplomatic negotiations with North Korea. Diplomacy can bear fruit when it is based on correct information about the diplomatic partner.

 Japanese media, however, spread the testimonies of those who defected from North Korea without verification while false reports and distortion are more than correct information.Japanese people think North Korea is an isolated state, and they feel surprised when they are told that North Korea is a member state of the United Nations Organisation and that has established diplomatic relations with many countries but Japan and the United States. There is a General Mission in France. So, media people are advised to verify the exaggerated testimonies of those who defected from the North. Now information and news reports about North Korea are in a mess.



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