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半島FocusNorth Korea This Year: Where to Go?

  AsiaWatchNetwork  KOBORI Sinnosuke    2019-02-23 23:31:24

North Korea greeted the New Year’s Day with a show of the Moranbong Band. On the eve of the New Year, Kim Jong Un, first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, found himself among foreign diplomats accredited to North Korea and enjoyed a show of the Moranbong Band with people on the New Year’s Day. That kind of new year celebration had never been seen in North Korea.
 The Moranbong Band made its first appearance in July last year, drawing attention from North Korean people as well as the world public. Its first performance changed the hitherto image of North Korea. There were some people imagining North Korea turning to free world.

半島FocusInformation and news reports about North Korea are in a mess

  AsiaWatch Counsel: NAKAMURA Kouichiro    2019-01-23 23:22:36

As regards mediareports about North Korea, I think in many cases the media do not play its role of objective information. What is behind such groundless, doubtful information being spread?

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